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Password Resets for Tambla eTivity

This article is intended for any employee with a user account apart of a company who utilises the Tambla eTivity application.

If you are an employee that has forgotten your password or has been locked out of your account, we advise you please contact your organisations Tambla eTivity Support Champion.

 Your support Champion  may be one of the following members of your organisation who have the ability to reset your account.

  1. Direct Manager
  2. HR Manager
  3. Payroll Manager
  4. Anyone else within the Finance/HR Teams

Due to our privacy and data security Policy, the Tambla Service Desk can not reset employee passwords from unauthorised sources.

If you are experiencing further issues and your Support Champion is  unable to rectify this, please advise them to submit a support ticket on your behalf so we may investigate further. 

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