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Tambla eTivity 5.23 Release – November 13th

During the last six months, the Tambla team has been working to produce more incredible functionality for our customers. We’ve been focussed on tackling some of the industry’s most significant issues in relation to compliance, day-to-day operational management, and workforce insights.

For our upcoming release (Tambla eTivity 5.23), arriving November 13th, we will be providing the following features and benefits.

Improved Compliance Functionality 

There have been numerous cases reported to Fair Work relating to compliance with the Award and Enterprise Agreements in recent times. Tambla has continued to invest in this core capability, introducing new functionality that enhances our strength. We’re bringing updates to scheduling rules, a range of enhanced reports, Roster Choices (Tambla’s automated solution for Individual Flexible Arrangements with the ability for employees to opt-in and out of clause’s), part-day public holiday’s and improved visa functionality.

Day of Operations - Timesheet Validation 

While traditional workforce management solutions focus on pre-planning and delivery, our conversations with customers across a range of industries have focused on how to help better manage day-to-day operations. To support this, in our upcoming release, we are bringing enhanced day-of-operations functionality with ‘Timesheet Validation’. ‘Timesheet Validation’ allows our customers' managers to view and administer what’s happening during the day-of-operations and react to compliance issues that might occur.

Enhanced Mobility Functionality with Push Notifications

Tambla eTivity currently keeps you informed by delivering SMS and email notifications. In our next release, we are introducing push notifications to our mobile application, increasing your notification options.

Tambla Insight’s & OData

Driven through customer consultation and feedback, we introduce our latest innovation, ‘Tambla Insights’! Tambla Insights provides interactive dashboards that provide our customers with a comprehensive view of their workforce management solution data so they can make improved business decisions. With either ready to go dashboards or custom consulting services, Tambla Insights can help you understand your business data.

Please find a copy of Tambla eTivity 5.23 release notes attached.


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